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Hey Glen.

I have a complete waves setup with my iLive IDR48 rack, M-waves, R72 surface, Waves Soundgrid server, and waves platinum bundle. This is an absolutely amazing piece of technology, and I use multirack for both channel processing and FX, and I’m programming everything into scenes in multirack + use the setup for virtual soundcheck. I really can’t explain how much this has helped in achieving the things I want from my iLive rig.

@scott – if you ever need a showcase or demo in Denmark, I think I’m one of the only people here with an iLive/Soundgrid setup, and would be happy to tell everyone how awesome it is!

Regards, Tor


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Hi Glen-

Please call or email me at scottp@waves.com. I’m in Knoxville, and would be happy to set up a demo for you. The M-Waves card offers 64 channels of bi-directional audio for record, playback, and processing.

Scott Pederson
Sales Manager – Education and Live Sound – Americas
Waves Audio, Ltd.
Direct: (865) 909-9242