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I think that the engineer should have a much more clearer sign that (s)he is mxing to some other bus than L/R. Now it is way too easy to get confused about what you are doing and it is really bad thing. Especially when you are doing monitors from FOH. Take a look at the LS9, there is a blinking text on top of the screen “SENDS ON FADERS TO MIX 9″… etc…

Otherwise I’m fine with the UI, although there are lots of things that should be slightly improved. The UI is quirky in some things, yes, but it works.

There are two essential (to me) things that should be corrected:
– there is no de-esser. and I (or should I say we) really need it.
– low shelving eq frequency goes only to 200 Hz which is not high enough. Typically I use low shelving eq to reduce low mids on male vocals, synth pads, percussion and so on. Low shelving eq should go to at least 500-600 Hz (as it almost always does on any professional console)