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You can use a t-surface with the Idr-0. You have to use a M-ace card and It would need to be in port A rab-2 mounted into the expansion slot of ID-O. What you are wanting to do may not be possible with the IDR-O and a IDR-48 due to a limitation on the expansion slots. An Idr-0 Fited with a Rab-2 and an ace in slot a for Split, a waves card in slot B for waves processing.
Were I am not sure is I beleive at that point you would be limited to the editor control software to control the IDR-0. If you were to run a Ace card in slot a and ace in slot b of the rab-2, then you could get the split and also control from the T-surface. You would not have Waves ability in this set up.
Hang in there I am sure there is a way to do as you are looking for, you may just need a different roung. I dont see a lot of folks using the IDR-O on the forums much so getting response that will help may take some time.

And please if someone reads and I am leading in the wrong direction…..Correct mE. [B)]

Do you currently have the equipment you listed? or is this a system you are looking to purchase and set up?