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Thanks for your reply.

To explain the “why we plan to use scenes” for the additional rooms:

First of all we use a “doubled” stage box. The GLD ARXX Racks are mounted in a regular rack. That rack has a front door with a built in XLR-Panel. So for most of the channels we use a 1:1 patch from the ARXX to the Door-Panel.
But our users don’t have to be in touch with some of the ARXX ports, such as d-snake, Main-Outputs, Wireless Inputs and those fixed additional rooms mentioned above.
So there’s no easy way, to accidently patch those outputs in a different port.

Second thought, why scenes and not shows, is, that scenes can contain only a few parametes instead of shows.
Maybe the word “master-scene” was a bit confusing.
There should only be a scene that resets those external room output parameter to their (one time adjusted) values. That is to make sure, no one has “ruined” that mix during setup and soundcheck.

Our more preferred workflow would be to lock parts of single channels for different users, but that’s impossible…