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No the M-waves card will not be usable as a digital split. It can only be used as split, if combined with a separate wordclock signal, which is only possible on the IDR0 and IDR10 racks.

Therefore, to use the M-waves card with the IDR0, I will need to do the digital split some other way… Ethersound/ACE whatever… But it is not clear whether this is even possible to do?! I want to have a seperate surface attached to both racks while having a digital split AND using the M-waves on the IDR0 surface… Can’t really find out if this is possible… And actually, I can’t figure out if the IDR can handle a T surface?

Regards, Tor

I was not suggesting you use mwaves as a digital split just that you could transfer audio processed on mwaves over a digital split

Okay take a sep back for a second. ACE works on all ilive devices. An idr0 is just an idr brain, which will work with any ilive surface or editor. The advantage of an idr0 is your monitor and foh are it sharing dsp power, busses, etc. the idr0 is designed exactly for that, taking a digital split and being able to process it fully in 64×64.

Look at page 7 the idr0 has two card slots so it looks lkke you will have room for one digital split and an mwaves card http://www.allen-heath.com/UK/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?filename=DocumentMaster/uk/iDR0_ug_ap7129_1.pdf