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Just to follow up on this question, I’m in the market for a new desk and GLD is top of my list just now.

I had heard a rumour that in the future you will be able to buy or specify the GLD stage boxes with some of the output’s swapped for AES connections rather than analogue.

While I understand that you can include an AES card in the extension slot on the desk, this wouldn’t be my preferred option because A) I would like the digital outputs to be at the stage end of the snake so they can feed directly into my LMS/amp rack and B) I would like to keep the desk expansion slot free for a Dante card so I have the option of multitracking into my MacBook Pro/Protools when needed.

Ideally, I’d like to get a stage box with both an AR2412 and an AR84, with the outputs on the 84 being digital and feeding a main mix of L/R+sub directly into my LMS and amps, and the outputs on the 2412 staying analogue as normal to be used as monitor sends for wedges and IEM’s.

Could anyone speak to this, if it is indeed true and if there is a time-scale in mind?