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I have been having a lot of networking problems with the ilive recently. I am running an iLive T112 and an IDr-48. Editor connection is mainly used as a tracking backup for the console.

Previously I had no issues with both wireless and wired connection. However, in the recent months, it’s like a sudden onset of problems where I get the cannot establish connection MSG on the editor. There were no changes made to the boards’s ip settings and for my MAcbook Pro, I had a specific wireless and wired configuration for the iLive (static ip, gateway, router, etc) iLive is not on DHCP.

I am getting rather frustrated as it was just a sudden onset with no reason. I have tried various other networking configurations but still have the prob. Even my iPad Mixpad and itweak cannot be connected. Best thing is, when on wired connection, I can see the surface on the editor but still cannot get the connection.

Has anyone else faced this problem and could guide me ion solving this? Or does anyone have a network configuration that you could perhaps share with me so I can try?

Thanks all.