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We will also try to implement a master scene which keeps all the settings of the fix outputs like childrens-room, wireless for hearing disabled, recording, which will be loaded after soundcheck so make sure, all those channels have the same settings week over week. (And to allow the operators more freedom than restricting their user permissions to much).

That you should have to save NOT as a Scene, but es a Show.
To save it as Show (within all Outputroutings and patches to your Stagbox) you must not press the “Scene”-Butten at the right side of your screen, you have to use the “setup”-button, then “memory” at the top of the screen!
So you will save ALL Parameters including Routing and Patching.
If You only save it as a scene in worst case following can happen: A BE will need an additional feed for his deaf drummer, plugs out your usually feed for the childrens-room and uses it for his act with maximal levelling on that feed….next Day you are patching it back and the children have party with ill levels, because, you recalled your right scene, but the increased Level of that PlugoutXLR has not been saved by the scenes….so it is important to understand the difference between Scenes and Shows! Your Decision to by a GLD is a good decision!
Congratulations!Definately the best choice you could do at the time!
Good Sound, really easy to handle, ton’s of FX…..I’ve got my today….after hours of playng with it I’m shure: A&H will rock the market with that nice device!