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Also, why, after being sent a bad Dante card (it was a failed unit with RMA paperwork in the box sent to us as NEW and did not have the Audionate license info with it) do we have to wait for over a month (more like 6-8 weeks) to get a new one? Doesn’t A&H have cards available for customers that a card fails on them and they need an immediate replacement for the next event? That is how this should be treated. We would have recorded last nights event if we had a working Dante card. I have everything else ready other than the Audionate soundcard driver software that a license key # is supplied with the card! Last night we ran analog snakes and used a short Ethernet cable to at least use the mixer which did work great! Not a great start for us. And we recommend audio solution to Churches in our area and having a good start with this product would have been (and could be) an experience we can use to help sell others. Frustrated but still optimistic!


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Rollout some cable off the reel. The tightly wound drums produces bit of inductance. OneCe you unspool some cable, itll work fine. I know its weird but it works

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