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Originally posted by dymondaudio

Editor doesn’t seem to work with Mountain Lion!

The only option you get is surface & rack, which is fine for when I’m using the surface but no good for the small gigs when I just want the laptop or ipad.

There are no options for editor & laptop or ‘offline’

Anyone got any ideas?

idr-32 & T80 + iPad2/Editor

How about NOT upgrading mission critical software befo doing a compatibility check? I work at a professional venue in Boston and we’ still on 10.6 due to the weird way spaces and expose handle full screen video devices.

I’m sorry to be so harsh but the software hasn’t even been out a week and you expect A and H to have bug checked and released an update already?

Solution? Painfully easy, downgrade to lion, and wait a week or so. If you REALLY need mountain lion, well, you don’t. Sorry. The OS looks fantastic and i’ve upgraded my personal computers, but work comp wont be updated until Allen and Heath give it their approval, Qlab does, Dante virtual sound card is checked, and all that jazz.