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[url][/url]Ok, short update – bought a new Laptop (Lenovo X121)

First of all (again) – my problem: My recordings with dante (32 tracks 24bit/48khz) are sounding like they have a hiccup randomly. No distortion or clicks like wrong clocking but short audiodropouts.

My setup is: ilive with dante card, Lenovo x121 with windows 7 64bit. I am using Cubase 64bit record to an seperate partition.

My connection is: dante card port a runs into an Netgear ProSafe GS108E Switch (QOS enabled) – from that to the network port of my laptop.
Also from the switch into an Netgear WDR3700 router thats plugged in my ilives network port and to my seperate laptop (lenovo x220t) at foh position. With the x220 i control the x121 via remote desktop. This works fine so far.

DHCP is disabled everywhere like recommended by A&H.

The IlLive is to
The Router is
The switch is Gateway is (the router)
The x121 (recording laptop) is 192.168.15
The x220 (control laptop) is

I tried to give dante a fixed ip but dante controller wont let me change that it just tells that fixed ip adress is not supported by this device. (wtf?)

My question is – as everything is connecting fine with another – i have all control and everything is usable in the dante network – is something wrong with my settings? Cause Dante itself has an totally other network adressrange then the mixrack or the computers. I think something like 168….

Not to say i use short Cat6 Cables for testing all this and have the latest DVS and Controler installed.

Here is an small part of an audio file so you know what i mean with “hiccup” : https://jabberwalky.com/ilive.mp3

Help urgendly needed!