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I was sold on the selling aspect that future upgrades and how flexiible iLive would fit into my inventory in a fast paced changing space. iLive would be a superior business decision compared to the competition. Although I agree partly with the point that a purchase must be considered based on need at that point in time, I do understand that running a business with top notch products is important to get the job done. ROIC is important to me. I am responsible to my stakeholders to deliver talent and supporting technology that meets their criteria, and also make a profit to stay in business – as Allen & Heath needs to push new product out the door and make the sales plan.
Not to digress from this particular subject matter, but my expectation and hope is that this new upgrade differentiates iLive from GLD and also competes with the newer brands delivered at this point in time. My fear is that GLD will cannibalize iLive. I love the product, but I also want it relevant for a few more years.

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