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Originally posted by bdunard

I recently purchased an IDR32. This particular mix rack will be used without a control surface and specifically for the same band every time. Once we have got everything working well after a couple of shows I am wondering if I should save as a scene or a show? Can I save it directly to the MacBook pro internal disk that is running the iLive editor as well as a USB key?

Also, as we have been prepping the system we will make a few changes then come back a couple days later and do a few more and so on. I have totally been relying on the fact that the iLive always seems to boot up with the most recent changes. Is this how it always works?

You want to use show files for global configuration, your output patch, monitors and things of that nature. You use scenes to set monitor send levels for each song, what fx you want for each song, that sort of thing. Scenes are recalled instantly and live, while shows require some time to load. Save everything as a show and use scene for anything you want to change while giggin