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The surfaces aren’t dumb controllers like the BCF is. The MIX/SEL buttons are local to each control interface, unlike the PAFL bus, which is shared. I’m not sure how the AHNet protocol works, but I am sure the BCF won’t be able to process MIX/SEL stuff standalone. I’ve made a feature request myself for MIDI mappings in editor to include MIX/SEL as it currently does with MUTE/PAFL. Of course, this would require a computer running editor, and not just a standalone BCF.

Mervaka, i think you misunderstood me (although it gets complicated just trying to explain to my self how it should work). The BCF is actually not really controlling anything – Logic is. Logic is then controlling my BCF (Logic having control over 64 simultaneus channels of fader, mute, PFL, gain and HPF data instead of the BCF only controlling 8 channels of simultaneus data)
The main thing is that i would like to know what data is sent to the mixrack (through TCP) when pressing MIX in the editor.
Sadly i am not a software engineer, so my knowledge is probably flawed when it comes to reverse engineering. I downloaded a freeware TCP-sniffer which gave me a bunch of data, but it was way out of my league trying to figure out what was going on. :)