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Reading some of these posts makes you wonder if some people are not using their iLive consoles while waiting for the new firmware.
Or maybe some people like the gear for using gyzmos, and value number of gizmos above stability and quality?

Maybe some people signing In are just using the forum for speaking ill of the brand, looking for what some users complain to use as ammo!

ILive consoles 1.83 works. Does everything it advertises in a stable and competent fashion. That should be enough. More functions on this system are wellcome, but if it doesn’t do something you need it to, then why did you bought it to begin with?

If the new firmware adds features, maybe they would do well to charge for the download. If people REALLY NEED those new features they’ll be glad to pay. Just like the MixPad.

Surface: T112 / T80
Rack: iDR48 / iDR16
PC: Editor 1.83
iPad2: MixPad