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Originally posted by Sylvester

That’s what i thought.. But the editor communicates to the mixrack, and my logic tells me that i should be able to as well then? :)
Lets say that i somehow filter out WHAT’S been sent to the mixrack when i push the Mix button, i should be able to replicate that and shoot it at the mixrack too, right? They should still be transmitting through TCP, not some magic hocus pocus, so it must be possible somehow.. :)

You mean you are basically trying to build macros for the ilive? And this can’t be done from the current documentation? Hmm I’d give them a call first. Ilive control data is 9.1mbps because it sends all data even if nothing has changed, therefor that’s a lot of sorting through.

Where I’d start is hacking apart the editor software instated and seeing what function is called by pressing mix