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Thanks Ray, yes, that’s what I’m doing now, however for the production, my mixrack and pc will be a couple hundred feet apart, linked via wifi for control, and gig ethernet for dante recording. Qlab will be running on a separate machine and I’m not sure of the capibilities there….

Also Ray, I think it is supported, see https://www.allen-heath.com/UK/CategoryDocuments/iLive%20TCPIP%20Protocol%20V1.8%20iss2.pdf I just can’t make it work with the built in MIDI stuff in the Mac, for some reason….

Stix, thats not a bad idea, I wanted to reduce the points of failure, but if I can’t make the midi via IP work, then these 2 options are all I have.

Thanks for the replies guys, if anyone has the ip midi working, how’d you do it?

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