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Dante is 100% compatible with TCP/IP stack, meaning you can run dante alongside other TCP/IP prococols. Is it really CAT5? Not CAT5e? How many tracks are you trying to do? Cat5 is pretty limited.

I’d say diagnose your problem more, get a different shorter cable and try some recording on it, if you still get dropouts its laptop or dante card issue. if not, get a better cable. just becuase the cable works for iLive control doesn’t mean itll work for Dante (live control data is only 9.1MBps on the T series, dante is far more bandwidth)


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I have a problem recording with Dante via an 50m CAT5 Cable.
Its that i have audio Drop outs – no distortion or anything you can see in the waveform, the audio tracks looking normal – its just that the audio drops out for half an second randomly on all tracks. But as said – could not be seen in the waveform…
So, i want to try to put the laptop on the Mixrack and control it via Remote Desktop from FOH Position.
But since the Laptop is connected to the Dante Network – is there a way to establish this?
Hope someone can help here.