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Hello Forum Members!
Brand new member and iLive user, and I’ve been searching for some time and have yet to come up with something… so I’m asking, can anyone help?

I have an iDR32, and I’m trying to establish midi over IP using a macbook pro and the built in midi network stack, but it keeps coming back with didn’t respond to the connection request
and won’t ‘light up’ so I can use Qlab to send midi messages for channel mutes and such…

running 1.8.3 firmware and editor, defaults on the mixrack…

anyone else get this to work? if so, how?


iDR32, Dante, mixpad, editor on a Macbook Pro, Reaper for recording

Hi , are you using a midi interface? or just connecting macbook pro network port to mixrack network port?

As far as I know iLive does not accept midi messages on the network ports.

The best way to do this is by using a midi interface (usb-midi) and leave the network for iLive control…..