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Also its the old Porsche syndrome; Boxster was made crapper than it could be otherwise no one would have bought the 911 which is twice the price. As someone else said if you need editor, you need to buy an iLive not a GLD for the moment.

Except the fact that pretty much every competitor (Yamaha LS9, Roland m-400, soundcraft si-32, and Behringer X32)in the price range (and below it in the case of the Behringer) has this feature. It is actually a pretty important feature so it is rather frustrating that they haven’t included it.

I understand the perspective you are trying to make from a manufacturing point of view. But from a consumer point of view, it is an issue.

I am sure A&H may have a valid reason for not having including it. It is just frustrating from my perspective that it wasn’t.

the Behringer has not a finished Editor at this time, and the Soundcraft one is totally useless and faulty.

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