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I sort of tried to start a hybrid technical artistic thread here but it never really took off


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I’ll also add that if you search I’m sure there’s older threads talking about the sound quality of these systems. I know because I read them before suggesting out church but one. And that may not be what you’re implying, but lately the topics have shifted to a more technical side.

Another thing is, I believe it’s somewhat assumed that someone using one of these, or any higher end digital mixer, isn’t new to live sound. I know there are younger/greener people here (myself included), but I think most users biggest “issues” are on the technical side. Just for example, I’m fairly confident on my ability to mix, I’ve just never had a wireless router attached to my desk before. Let alone the ability to use a tablet to mix with. So I’ve came here looking for answers to those issues. And I’m sure most others are in similar situations.

All that said, I do think there’s room, and probably interest in some discussion of the mixing side of things. Anything in particular anyone wants to discuss or share??? I’m always willing to learn a new mic’ing or mixing technique. :)

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