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Originally posted by naffdave

A thing ive noticed on here everything seems to be about connecting this connecting that seems to me nobody interesting in actually mixing sound just all computer geeks wanting to try the next toy out.
Im a 58 year old soundy started out without graphics/gates/comps or computers but took a digital desk out on tour as soon as i could as i saw the potential but i use it to mix sound not spend the whole time messing with routing and configuring and mixpad.
Does anyone else feel that with digital desks the whole thing has shifted away from just getting a good sound.

To some degree but keep in mind this really is a support forum with people seeking support or answers to questions because they are new, configuring a new system, thinking about a new system, having problems with their system, etc.

Not to mention, it’s a little tough to talk about mixing in the sense, you have to hear a mix to talk about it. Not to say there aren’t mixing related topics to discuss.