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Not sure this forum is about mixing, not sure if any forum should be about mixing that is too subjective. Surely it is about sharing solutions to problems that others may experience. All hardware can be troublesome, in my experience especially if it has a computer involved.
I regularly use iLive’s for mixing large orchestral sections, the quality of the console is very important to me, as is the quality of FX and Dynamics. I could use any console on the market, I happen to prefer to use an iLive. The great beauty is I can get 128 inputs channels in 2 X 9U racks and a surface that fits in the boot of my car and it still sounds great, well to my poor 54 year old ears any way, yes I carry an old Tablet to allow me to have a walk around and not have to run back to the surface to make a change, maybe I am getting lazy. Or I could be using computer Geek stuff to allow me more time to do what I think I do best, see what I mean far to subjective[;)]