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Personus app is really good, but it’s got limitations too.

Have you guys actually used the Yamaha apps? They’re terrible, at least the ls9 one is. Scene recall takes at least twenty seconds for the iPad to register (says syncing) meaning it useless as an actual scene management and interface app. You can’t do any real setup and you can’t access fx racks geqs or anything like that.
Now ah need tO do some work, but really the truth is MOST digital audio console apps are terrible. Venue doesnt even have one, Midas doesn’t really count, not does Personus because the consoles were built with app integration in mind. For the ilive this is a retrofit, and it’s a damn good one compared to Yamaha. Btw there’s still no 5d app, I know a lot of Yamaha guys vert disappointed with that.
Is it perfect? No, but to say its of lower quality than other retrofit apps is just untrue