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That’s pretty much what I’ve been experiencing on my iPad2. As I’ve said before, I purchased the MixRack with the intention of running it from both the Editor and MixPad. I was under the assumption that if similar applications from PreSonus and Yamaha worked (based upon my experience) then it was highly likely that one from Allen & Heath would work, especially since it wasn’t free by a long shot.

It’s been extremely disappointing for me to find that MixPad isn’t as robust as expected. My only hope at this point is that the upcoming update from A&H will take care of the problem. Either that or I will get an iPad 1, which seems to have fewer issues. For what it’s worth, the Cisco E2500 router seems to be the best performer, though dropouts still occur. It also seems that turning off metering in MixPad helps, something we shouldn’t have to do.