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Hey Guys,

I know…. this is a bit of a stumbling black for me right now.

My scenario is that I do sound primarily as a hobbyist for churches and youth initiatives within which I volunteer my services that otherwise they simply could not afford to pay for. It is my ministry as such.

I have been using Presonus 24.4.2 for about 18 months now and it has been truly fantastic – the presonus ipad app is phenomonal, allowing:

  • Aux Mixing for 10 mixes
  • Smaart RTA & Spectral Analyser
  • Front of House Mix
  • Arming of Firewire Playback for virtual soundchecking etc
  • GEQ on 8 of my Aux and on my FOH
  • Now Scene Changes

A number of gigs in smaller church venues or weirdly shaped sports bar / club venues used to previously catch me out where my desk might not even be in the same room as the stage, or at the side of the stage.

The Presonus changed all that – I have maximum control over every element of my mix, not caring where I place the desk at all – just my access point

However – where it does fail is in the larger venues, where I might have to set up a few sets of delay speakers, and also where running a pair of 30m 24/8 multicores daisychained off each other, is laborious heavy and back breaking. CAT5 on a GL is a pure dream.

As I am a only one man team and am not running a separate monitors desk the remote app really opened things up for me and moved me from being less hobbyist / more professional. Heck i even now have been offered some paid work in the non-christian scene because i can work so fast now, buying time to ring out monitors etc where I would not previously have had the time. My work flow is awesome now.

I really want to buy the GLD – but its really only the lack of an app that is causing me to wait. Heck i don’t even mind paying the £65 for the mix app as long as it buys me functionality like the presonus app.

All that said, as an ex owner of a GL series desk, I know and love the sound of their pre’s, so don’t be thinking that I am only using the iPad app as a sole buying feature, there are so many benefits to having the A&H and not the Presonus – but the mix app is a biggie for me. Even Yamaha and Roland have now joined the game, LOL!

Hopefully something gets sorted, but as far as I know at the minute nothing is planned.


Presonus 24.4.2,
Korg M50, Novation SL25 MKII, Akai APC40, Akai MPD18
Logic Studio 9, Reason 6.5, Ableton 8