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I think I understand your problem.

Indeed this is due to the design of the system.

It’s even worse. :-)
What happens is: the scenes are indeed recalled/saved with a show, but the editor software doesn’t show scene NAMES unless the show is recalled in that editor itself. If you set a scene name using the desk, it doesn’t show on the editor and vice versa. Scene names are NOT part of the datastructure in the central MixRack, however Scene content is! Scene names are regarded as “local data” for each controller.

I asked/begged A&H to manage the scene names centrally in the MixRack together with the scenes, but for some reason, they told me they think it is the right design decision…

So, I do agree, this doesn’t make sense *at all*

To all others who might be wondering “what on earth is he talking about”. Try saving some scenes using one editor (online with MixRack), then connect to the MixRack with another laptop with editor software. You’ll see that scene content is there but you won’t see the scene names you just saved using the first editor…

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