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In 2009 we talked about a dyn comp or multiband. Now it is 2012. LS9 has got a multiband… Need I list what the new Yamaha can do? Not to mention DigiCo.

I truely feel that you came out first and finished last.

Oh yeah all the Yamahas have three dynamic processors per channel and a very flexible bus structure…and of course graphic EQ in all 16 outputs and still no FX left…

The online editor from DiGiCo is very nice as well. SD-9 has many grafik EQ’s and very flexible FX…

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I would love to see a multiband of course and some other improvements…

R-72, iDR-16, xDR-16, Dante

Yamaha, Midas, Digico, Avid & Soundcraft can all do some form of dynamic EQ and/or multiband compression.

Unfortunately I sold my BSS901’s expecting AH to provide one … but you cannot buy them anymore. Most digital mixers provide this function, hence the demand for them disappeared.

As much as I love my iLives they lack 3 things I need. Better rider acceptance, better scene management and a dynamic EQ and/ or multiband.