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Hi vilddyr,

There is no need for a DHCP server on a SoundGrid network.
Please have a look at the ‘Understanding Waves SoundGrid and iLive’ document available in the M-Waves product page. This contains a few application diagrams and network FAQs.

Before troubleshooting the network and switch scenario, we need to make sure your Waves card is working ok.

Try and connect your computer straight to the Waves card, with nothing else plugged in the card. Launch MultiRack, open the Inventory window, click the Refresh button. If ‘Allen&Heath IO’ still is not listed in the window, please contact your dealer or distributor for tech support or submit a ticket with all relevant information (card serial number, iLive firmware version, type and length of cables used, MultiRack software version, OS version) here: http://www.allen-heath.com/uk/support/Pages/support.aspx