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This card is behaving quite strange. I tried connecting it to the same switch as the network port from the mixrack, as i did with my previous dante card. A router is connected to the switch, to handle DHCP for connected laptops etc. This does not work. My mac doesn’t find the card. But it does find the sound grid server, EVEN when the mac is connected directly to the M-waves card, it still doesn’t recognize the card in the soundgrid driver software (!). So to be specific: Everything is joined ind the switch, Mixrack network port, M-waves Soundgrid port, Soundgrid server, and Router to handle DHCP. I then connect the laptop, and thought i should be able to record, control the server, and run editor at the same time. What am i missing?! I could see the sound grid server, but not the M-waves card in my sound grid inventory. VERY weird.

After some reboots and connecting sound grid port 1 directly to the mixrack network ports, and not to the switch (still connected to the switch, though through the mixrack switch and from there to the shared switch mentioned above), i was able to find the M-waves card on my mac. How can this be?! The documentation of these network curiosities is lacking to say the least.

Regards, Tor