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Andy –

I’ve posted when I’ve had great results with the iPad 1. Lately I’ve had anything but…

Recent jobs:
– 2 outdoor (tent) wedding receptions (150, 240 ppl), mixing no further than 50′ from the router, (generally 15-30′) too many disconnects to use reliably. These required restarting the app.
– last job, setting monitor levels, etc. on stage ~ 15′ from router, a couple of “freezes” one of which self corrected. * I mixed this job from a wired r72 with the iPad sitting on the same table ~ 40′ from the router, bodies between, no disconnects, though I only used it for monitor adjustments on stage. (8 hr. gig)
– outdoor, free air, approx. 70′ from router, full line of sight, half dozen disconnects over course of 6 hour job. Oddly, the laptop running Editor maintained throughout… (always at 5 gig)

I’m happy to invest in whatever iPad works, but I’m not quite there yet…


Tim Tyler
Detonator Sound
Richmond, Va USA
T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815 Dante