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The gain is shared,you only have one analogue pre amp. either one surface retains control of the analogue gain while the other uses the Trim control which I believe is + and – 24dB of digital gain, or, my preference is once the gains are roughly set then each surface swaps to trim mode that way no unexpected gain changes occur affecting both surfaces.

Thanks for clearing that up. Two question on the trim mode: Is it changed to trim mode for both at the master or does the slave have to change it as well? I am assuming it is done at the master. If so, does that mean there is no way that slave can accidentally change it?

I have a few other questions if you don’t mind.

I know that all mixracks provide dsp power to process up to 64 input channels no matter the number of actual physical inputs. This is fine for the iDR-16 from the iDR-64, I just go to the quick input source setup. But what about the iDR-64? If I need inputs from the iDR-16, how do I actually get those inputs if I can only have 64 inputs to the iDR-64? Or is it fine and have I misunderstood something?

Lastly, if I change a name of an input in Editor or surface for the master will this inputs name be changed for the slave? i.e I change “BkVox1” to “Suzzie” at FOH, will it also change on the media slave?