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Yeah, there really cannot be any discussion as to wether this app is stabile or not. Everyone else’s iPad app works LOT better, yamaha, soundcraft, midas, presonus. And they’re all free?!? I have the recommended router, with the recommended settings, and paid 100$ for this app. It’s a joke to be quite honest.

An since i played with the GLD i realized just how sluggish the iLive range really is. Surface freezes when you’re logging on with the editor, occasional inexplainable hangs etc etc. This is not a faulty setup, it is just plain underpowered DSP or bad programming. Sorry, but the desks sound so great, and they are so versatile, but this whole thing with the editor and app and surface affecting each other like this, is a little tiring.

Here in Denmark the iLive desks are regarded as low cost toys, not on par with the other big players in the field, and it’s a shame. So give us an optional hardware upgrade or something, and make these things work smoothly! Oh, and some nicer faders on the surfaces would be welcome.

Sorry to be so grumpy, but there are just some things that are missing to get into the top league. Look at the new midas desk… It’s less than an ilive system with just an R72…