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This is from a post sometime back relating to iLive’s but I believe its the same for GLD’s…

“I had same type problems when updating to 1.63 earlier this year. I had three different USB sticks and console recognized only one stick of those three. I sent one stick, which didn’t work, to AH and got this answer from Chris:

“At last we have some news on the USB stick problem.

USB stick manufacturers are using multiple memory segments to create larger sticks. For instance, an 8GB stick may comprise 8x 1GB segments. During manufacture, these segments sometimes join perfectly, sometimes have a gap between them and sometimes the joins overlap.

On a stick where segmants overlap, Linux is unable to handle the ‘structure’ and will not see our files. The way the segments join is not an issue with Windows and Mac so the USB device manufacturing industry is not too concerned.”

Maybe time to try some different sticks…


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