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Also, I’d like to pass the following along in the hope that it may shed some light on the problem.

We use Yamaha’s Stagemix on our LS9. A few months ago there were some connection issues that have since cleared up with the latest update of the app. Here is what Yamaha said on its Facebook page:

“We acknowledge that some users have been experiencing connection difficulties after upgrading their device to iOS5 and we have been investigating this for the past 2 weeks. Our development and testing teams have not been able to replicate this problem nor find any issues with StageMix which would cause a disconnection. At the same time, there appears to be many WiFi related bugs that people are reporting to Apple since the release of iOS5, just take a look at the Apple Support Forums. For now we are inclined to believe that this is an Apple problem and if you have not already done so, we strongly recommend against upgrading to iOS5 until Apple can release a maintenance update to hopefully resolve these issues. Obviously this doesn’t help those of you who have already updated, so we will continue to investigate as a matter of urgency. The only suggestion we can make at the moment is to experiment with different routers and to ensure the 3G data connection is switched off for 3G enabled iPads.”