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Hi , Alan
I just tested my setup and after more than 2 hours i came back and everything worked as suspected. I could choose and change mixes. to be sure i changed the PAD on a channel and i could hear the pad relay clicking in my IDR48.
I have a ipad1 an use OS 5.1.1
i post all my IDR815 settings here:

2.4Ghz disabled
auto channel selection: enabled
transmission rate: best
wireless mode : 802.11a only
enable hidden wireless: ON
security mode : disabled ( i should do the same test with WPA mode enabled)

Network settings:
DHCP enabled ( range 100-110) router is on 50
lease time 1000 minutes
no mac reservations

Advanced network:
enable multicast streams: ON
wireless enhanced mode: ON

on all my 2 IDR’s multicast is enabled ( with a different IP adres off course)

to setup ipad wireless , choose other, type your SSID ( because i don’t send out the SSID i have to enter manually) on mine security is set to none

I must say i only use the ipad for mixpad, no other wifi connections are enabled, no 3G stuff


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