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Hi Guys

Sorry to hear everyone is having issues.

Alan, I suspect your issue may be related to a power save feature, where the wifi will power down after 30 minutes of inactivity regardless of the sleep mode being set to ‘always on’.

The way to tell, is in the failure state, press the home button, and drop back to the home page and quickly check the wifi signal strength. If the icon is missing the wifi has been turned off by the OS – it then restores very quickly. Anyone else running tests, it would be good to know if your iPad’s exhibit this behaviour.

I’m only hypothesising, but I’m wondering if the power save profile varies between iPad 1 and 2, as we see far less issues with iPad 1. We’ve also seen more issues with iOS 4.3 and greater, and this seems common if you google “iOS and 4.3 and wifi”.

Anyway were working a programmatic solution for the wifi power save, but it would be nice to know if this is the cause of many of the issues you’re experiencing. Let me know if you’re wifi icons have disappeared after 30 minutes.