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Im afraid the only way you will be able to do this is to move the guitar and bass channels to numbers 1 through 64. If they land on the slave rack (65-128) they cannot be routed through the first rack.
Off course you could always patch those channels out of the slave rack and just use a different cable to get to the aviom input module. But the solution that you are asking for cannot be done. You could always move your channels around so all your aviom channels land on 1-64.

Just think of the Dual Rack mode as a dual console link. The link between the consoles are for all your bussing. ACE link there is doing the link so both “consoles” access the same busses. If it was to give you direct out between racks it would have to give you the 64 channels worth, plus the 32 busses, plus network traffic, which is all too much for the protocol. Because of that they restrict some of the patching to stay inside the same rack (console)

Hope this helps.

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