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I’ve been running all my shows for the last 6 months or so from Mixpad, though I always have a surface inline. For me, 5 gig is a must, as I am using digital wireless mics (Line 6), and this alone will cause the iPad to not even start. The 2.4 band is getting very iffy, and I’ve heard the 5 gig band doesn’t have the range of 2.4…

I would look at turning off ALL programs (except Mixpad) running in the background (double click, the programs show up on the bottom) as this has been a big issue for me in the past.

I still have occasional disconnects, My next step will be to mount my router (DIR-815) on a stalk, away from mixrack, speaker magnets, etc. Good luck to you.

Tim Tyler
Detonator Sound
Richmond, Va USA
T112/48 R72/32 laptop iPad Dir-815 Dante