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Thanks for the tip. I get home from our tour today and can actually test this at home. For all the routers I’ve tried I have the same test:

1) Connect the router to the MixRack via Ethernet and power up both units.
2) Connect the MacBook to the MixRack via Ethernet, power up and start the Editor.
3) Power up one of the iPads, connect to the network, and start MixPad.
4) Change the parameters of a few channels (EQ, mix sends, etc).
5) Select channels randomly to see if changes take place on the screen.
6) If everything works, I set the iPad down and recheck every five minutes or so.
7) MixPad will stop responding within 20 minutes.

I will go through these steps when I test at home. As soon as step 7 occurs I will check the Home screen like you suggest and let you know.

This is one aspect of the problem I’ve failed to mention. Namely, MixPad stops working during home tests, with the router in the same room and with very little demand placed upon it. Most often I will check to see if the faders change position when I select a mix. If they do, I set the iPad down and come back to it periodically. Usually within 20 minutes the faders stop changing positions when I double-tap to change a mix. Restarting the app fixes the problem.

My suspicion is that it is not an iPad/WiFi issue because I don’t have the same problem with SL Remote and StageMix. MixPad does a lot more than these apps, particularly with metering. I’ve often wondered if turning off metering would help, but I really need to see things like channel gain.

MixPad seems to be a bigger and more complex app than others like it. For example, it is slower when it redraws the screen while scrolling the faders (two-finger scroll from left to right). So for these reasons I suspect the problem lies with MixPad itself. But I really can’t say for sure, especially given that others in the field don’t seem to have the issues I’m experiencing.

So it really comes down to this: I want and need to run my shows almost exclusively with MixPad. (I usually get things started with the Editor but then switch to MixPad.) I walk the venue constantly and check in with the bands frequently to make sure their needs are taken care of. This is the way I have been working with the StudioLive and the LS9 for about a year now. The nature of my shows makes mobile mixing a necessity, not a luxury.

While I am able to do a show with MixPad, the constant restarts, especially at critical times when speed is paramount, are annoying to say the least. Based upon my experiences with other audio companies’ iPad apps I purchased an iDR-32 and MixPad only so that I could be console-free. It’s about 90 per cent there. For the investment I would like 100 per cent.

Thanks again, everyone, for your contributions.