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Hi Arsound,

I have kind of the same experience you have. I tried all the routers in the A&H top 5 list, but still I’m not able get a reliable connection.
Swtiching to 5GHz band helped a bit. We are using 3 Ipads on stage to control our in-ears. Fortunatly we don’t need to change much in the course of the venue, so its workable. The rest is done on the console.
I would absolutely never do a venue relying on the Ipad.

Unfortunatly I think its not A&H to blame here entirely. I think to blame is the WiFi connectivity of the Ipad to the router. What A&H maybe could do is to develop the app. in a way so it will reastablish the connection in smooth way so it does not interfere with operation.
But than again I’v had time that WiFi gets lost completely and I was not able to reconnect without restarting Router / Ipad. The more people are at a venue, the more problems. Maybe we should ban Phone with WiFi at Venues…..

Best regards,

Rene Reuscher

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