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I am afraid my layout might not translate well.
Layer A Instruments are grouped by type with a DCA right next to each group Guitars,DCA,Keys,DCA,Horns
Layer B Drums & percussion
Layer C copies of a few of Bank A instruments with different processing and open channels
Layer D Playback channels and open channels

Layer A Horns DCA, Vocals with a DCA next to them followed by DCAs for drums/percussion(stuff buried)
Layer B Aux channels
Layer C effects
Layer D effects

Layer A other voices a few DCA (for various purposes) a couple of effect controls for whatever is needed, mains(usually ganged so I only need one of them)
Layer B The rest of the Aux channels
Layer C any other DCAs and anything else not commonly used.
Layer D Matrix and a complete set of main controls.(feeds to delays etc)

For me I like everything I am going to use a lot on the top(and not always in numerical order) the rest I prefer to bury them. Makes it easier for our volunteers in our setting. Since it is highly customized I doubt you could or should make a template based on it.