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I understand your concerns, but as an Band Technician myself i understand. Shurely they have an file for the M7, so they load their settings and are almost done and with an other console standing there its more work for them.

I had many guest technician of support bands mixing on my console (T112) and everybody was ready to go in about 5 minutes time (of course i was “babysitting” all the time.
And everybody said afterwords – great console – very good sound – great handling.

So all you can do here is
1. buy an M7, a Venue SC48 or a Midas Pro2
2. get yourself into the Ilive and help the coming technicians and let the Ilive talk for itself! Just tell them you are preparing everything – and they just need to do the basic mixing.

So, i think thats it. Forgot to mention – Nr. 2 works for me very well. [:D]