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Originally posted by Stealth

….. “As gil has pointed out the best way would be to fit the Digital Multi output module to either your surface or …”

Thanks, both Gil and Sam.

At the moment, my plan is now to put a Digital Multi Out in the A/B slots of the Surface, remove the M-MMO from the RAB2, and move an existing Dual Mic/Line module from slot A to Slot C or D.

Is that an approved configuration?

Any concerns?


PS. Would anyone like to comment on potential latency issues that may arise from the fact that this Dual-rack system has the 144 Surface (& Aviom out) attached to an iDR-32 (master) at FOH with the iDR10 (slave) roughly 130 feet of CAT5E away from the iDR-32. My concern is that band members onstage will hear Aviom IEM signals only after they’ve made the trip from the stage (iDR10 slave) to FOH (iDR-32 master) and then back down another 130′ CAT5E cable to the Aviom hub onstage.