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Sharing a wi-fi network with an unknown number of people is not an option if you are depending on wi-fi during your shows.

Tell them to get over or install a wi-fi router somewhere in the rack and do not broadcast SSID. If they ask tell them you are on a special bluetooth network or something. Prefer 5Ghz, disable 2.4Ghz if you can. Activate MAC filtering and use encryption. Try to scan to see if anything else is occupying the 5Ghz channel you will be using.

Remember that iLive editor is free and anyone can install in his/her computer therefore you must secure each profile with a password. Being on the same campus network is unacceptable. Once people see what you are doing, they will come and ask and they they will get some ideas. Some of those nerds will be ready to goof around and you cannot afford to tolerate their jokes during real shows.

Motion Computing LE1700

p.s. I have an extra M-MADI card for sale. PM me if you are interested.