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Assign a DCA to them and then use that as your “master” fader. Another/ better way is to use matrix outputs to feed your main system and all other system/ zone/ record feeds etc. To do this first assign to your main mix faders as normal – place these main faders at unity gain “0” dB and disable eq/ compression etc. Then use a stereo matrix and assign the main mix faders to it – and assign its outputs to your main speaker system. Also set up a mono matrix the same way to feed your other zone. Use the eq/ delay etc on each matrix output instead of on the mains. You can then assign a DCA to the matrix outputs so one fader controls both (relatively). You can actually then “hide” the main faders in a layer as you won’t need to get to them. Set up other stereo matrix’s to feed record outputs, front fill speakers, etc etc. hope that helps.


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