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I specialise in theatre, so my usual setup is as followsL:

Left hand bank: Inputs

Usually the top two layers for radio mics, the bottom two for band/orchestra (or a expansion/contraction of this arrangement depending on the requirement)

Middle bank, top layer: Any fader that is pertinent to the current scene, eg radio mics, DCAs, PC playback, etc.

Middle bank layer B: DCAs – Usually split into Drums, Backline, Reed section, Brass section, Strings, Keyboards. Then a DCA master for all music, and one for all vocals.

Middle bank layer C: FX sends
Middle bank layer D: FX returns

Right hand bank, top layer: Main outs (LR, LCR or LCRSub) plus recording group splits

Right hand bank remaining layers: Aux outs

My workflow thus is left to right on the surface. From scene to scene, the only things I usually change are fader levels, mutes, panning, DCA assingments and Fader Strip assignments.