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Hi Colin,
You can assign sources to the various MMO outputs using the I/O screen ‘I/O Port Out’ tab. This shows 64 outputs going to the port. The following channels go to outputs:

1-24 = ADAT 1-24
25-32 = iDR/Hearbus A1-8
33-40 = iDR/Hearbus B1-8
41-56 = Aviom 1-16

Note that this mapping is not the same as that shown in the MMO instructions which refers to the option loaded in the modular iLive surface.

Sorry that this is not very clear. Some of the I/O Port option card information and settings is not yet implemented on this first release firmware and will be included soon.

In the meantime we will post an MMO mapping chart on our web site as soon as we can. I will post back here later when this is done.