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Out of interest, do you therefore anticipate needing to use GB of Audio files ? I’d be interested to get feedback on how much audio people need to use.

I thought to keep it quicker and simpler to navigate, users might put a smaller collection of MP3’s for use with the current show on a USB Key, instead of having to navigate up and down complex tree hierarchies of Audio every time they wanted to play something.

Personally I have a 8 GB pendrive always with me and it’s enough, both for playing and recording.
Talking about playing, I’m with you Andy, when you say “keep quick and simple”, but without folder support, you have all the mp3s mixed up in the alphabetic order, regardless of subfolders.It’s not that simple..
My best view of this facility is try to implement a “virtual cd player”, where I choose an album (a subfolder or a playlist) and then playing it from beginning to end, also with the possibility to repeat or shuffle the whole album. Nowadays I already can do it with a ripped cd on a single flac or wav file, but I loose the single track control.

my 2 cents.