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Hi Mike,

We did include basic folder support for:

Playback – USB_KEY_ROOT/AllenHeathGLD/USBPlayback
Record – USB_KEY_ROOT/AllenHeathGLD/USBRecord

But I do understand the full folder request.

Out of interest, do you therefore anticipate needing to use GB of Audio files ? I’d be interested to get feedback on how much audio people need to use.

I thought to keep it quicker and simpler to navigate, users might put a smaller collection of MP3’s for use with the current show on a USB Key, instead of having to navigate up and down complex tree hierarchies of Audio every time they wanted to play something.

To answer the power question I’m pretty sure its 500mA per connector, so it depends on the external hard disk. Some externals use more power than this and typically come with a Y shape lead, so they can use power from more than 1 connector. But you should be fine with a USB 2.0 external which draws 500mA.

Size limit will be defined by filesystem type. Note the GLD only works with FAT, as almost all USB Keys come by default with FAT filesystems.

Fat has several sub variants, and the maximum size depends on which type you’re using:


For record, we recommend no more than 3 hours per track.

Hope this helps.